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Comment on the SVG thing:

However, beyond that, you're trying to show UI from the OnSave() method, which is strictly something you're not supposed to do. There's a reason I don't pass an IWin32Window to OnSave() !!! And, since OnSave() is executed on a different thread, it's going to be difficult or impossible to get UI running correctly in concert with the main UI. The fact that FolderBrowserDialog is "confused" just isn't very surprising to me.
Presumably it's just as hacky for opening.
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...once in a while :D
A while is most accurate ;).


I need to vectorise a street map for my geography coursework, because the only street map that illustrates the space occupied by building structures, happens to do so at a ridiculously low zoom for my need - it just is not large enough. I could take numerous screenshots and patch them together, but that does not solve its zoom level, which can be visually rectified by vectorising it and enlarging it. As long as it looks large, I do not care for actuality of scale.

And when I say vectorise it, I don't mean this, I mean drawing each building and road manually. Joy of joys.

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Thanks, sabrown.

I'm actually surprised you thought I was female, Mike, unless it was a typo?

Anyway, sabrown, I would ordinarily use the Vector Magic site, although the end result is not precise enough for the detail on offer from the mapping site, and what is required of the map in the coursework. Unfortunately.

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sabrown, that whole double-quoting thing is rather obnoxious. It makes you seem like a stuck-up twit who considers yourself so far above everyone else that it's not even worth your time to type a reply, or even just a :roll: or something.


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