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Uh-oh. Looks like pyro's are spawning. Just like potatoes. :o

Um...please stop spawning. Before you know it the world will be full of burning children. And I don't want to burn along with them :lol:

EDIT: I'd prefer 94 bloody potatoes than 94 Pyrochild clones. :)

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Well you can't let people walk into zoos with harpoons!

Ha ha! :D

Don't you just love Pyro's humor? :P

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So today I stumbled upon this book. I'm not much of a reader, honestly I didn't know i knew how to read lol. But I was getting ready after a hard days work to sit on my butt with my chips in dip, like always, its a wonder I'm not fat, and i sat on the cushion of the couch, I thought to myself, hmmmm somethings not right, so i lifted the cushion under it i found this funny book, amunst other things that should have never been in a couch lol. but anyways read these, i thought they were funny.

You know what's annoying?

*appyling the postage so you can mail in the payment for your speeding ticket.....

*the myth scaring the bloody potato out of someone can eliminate their hiccups.

*When nothing brings you as much joy as criticizing other peoples work.

* the myth that a rubber band can blind someone

* People who keep their clock set 10 mins fast in case they need the extra time....

* when someone wins the $48 million loto and claims "it wont affect my lifestyle", or my favorite, "I'm going to buy myself a house (to get out of this trailer), then donate the rest to my church lol. (That one is mine :P)

*White guys with a snoop dog cell phone ring.....

* when all your cracker jacks have melted into one big jack


1)When ive tried everything i know to fix a computer and i beg my supervisor to come, and he taps about two keys and the problem is fixed.

2) When in order to show my supervisor whats wrong i go through the steps to make the problem happen again and it doesnt happen.....

3)When a coworker has a computer problem and as soon as i get ther i know theyve restarted the computer and the problem is no longer ther, but when i ask them if they restarted the computer they look at me innocently and say "huh? i didnt do anything! i didnt restart it! i havent touched it since the problem happened!

5 annoying things about being a woman working in a all men maximum securtity prison

-That Kevin was offered three packs of cigarettes by another inmate if he would introduce me to him

-That a prison is full of men who notice when you get your hair cut. (lol)

- When as part of a preparole (yes its a big word, break it down lol) career preparation course, i ask the class to complete a sample job application, and one student asks, regarding the conviction, "how do you spell 'hijack'?"

-When your most well received class 'grammer in the slammer' (lol) is discontinued for bereaucratic reasons.

-when an inmate tells me, "aw, you dont need a boyfriend. Youve got 2,300 boyfriends right here."

Lol, enjoy!



Support Our Troops, End The War

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Hey, where have you been?

Side announcement:

I'm almost done re-coding my Google skin!


Um... I still need to change the title and tidy the code up for validation, but believe me, it's very different code from the original.

looking good, thats funny that your doing that, i was just messing with googles code the other day lol, but i didnt save it, do you have the full code for ther site? not the skin? ive got it if you want it (its easy to get, open to public)

I've been thinking about downloading their SDKs, but then again, why? I'm not going to create a widget that depends on Google Maps or anything...

Oh, and you may see a few changes throughout the next few days. I'm constantly updating the page. I'm getting closer and closer to valid source code, but the < input > tags are killing me!

It doesn't work in Firefox beta 4.

Yeah, I'll blame that on Beta 4. It works fine in Opera, and it used to work in IE7 last night (a few minutes ago, I got IE angry at me, and it displays just like FF).

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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That's what I call a well-done commercial. I'm not a fan of Jaguar, but I gotta give them some props for making a really cool commercial without the use of comedy. The animations used and the camera angles and lighting are so professional... but unfortunately, I must say they made the car look uglier than what it does in real life (I saw one at a Target and in the far corner of the Orlando International Auto Show).


EDIT: Newer version of the Google skin: http://usedhonda.110mb.com/g2v3.htm

I'm not sure what to think now. IE7 displays everything centered horizontally, but not vertically. FF has the text box and search button centered horizontally, but not vertically, and the logo is centered vertically, but not horizontally. Opera, however, displays everything perfectly. Maybe I'll download that WebKit and see how it comes out...

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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