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Earthquakes are pretty scary, though I still find hurricanes to be more exciting. Half the city without power, it's midnight, and 100+ MPH winds are hitting your window as you watch the rain move horizontally, watching pieces of roof fly by and poor little trees get bended at a 70 degree angle.

But yeah, earthquakes suck. They come at the worst times, too! I used to have to deal with them when I lived in California. Though there were a few every now and then that shook your socks quite a bit...

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Only on for a few minutes, so I'll get this said before days pass and it becomes meaningless.

For those who live in Britain: Was there any severe damage that you all know of?
Closer to the epicentre, yes. A few structural damages, such as weakening of bridges, chimneys collapsing in Barnsley (a town latitudinally further away from the epicentre than my house is), but nothing too serious. Oh, and one person having his pelvis fractured by one of the said falling chimneys.

Well, it's fairly serious for us here, but in relation to the World's earthquakes (which, ours is now being called, before it was just an Earth tremor), it's only minor stuff.

Updates have it at a magnitude of 5.2 instead of 5.1 - some even at 5.3 - and looking at the maps, Grimsby, 'ground zero' so to speak, is not that far from Sheffield. I never knew where Grimsby was until now (disgraceful lack of knowledge, I know), and we're quite close - about 1.5 hours -ish.

I'll be checking the BGS for the after shock, if it has not already presented itself. Which I think it may have done, not sure, I'm kinda having to self-teach myself this stuff; we've never done this at school/college. Blasted college! Taking Geology off the curriculum!

I felt it, it was fun :D I want another one.
I was terrified when it occurred, never having been acquainted with such before, but it's not that bad being only slight tremors, almost an experience. And I have copies of the seismology less than an hour after, so that will be getting framed on my wall, alongside BoltBait's Delete Primary Colour plugin.
How exciting... I didn't know that the United Kingdom had earthquakes! 5.1 is pretty violent too.

I've been in earthquakes in San Francisco, but I'm not sure if any of them were equal to or greater than 5.1...

I'm glad you are safe!

Why, yes. Britain is just as prone to earthquakes as many other countries. Obviously not to the extent of the USA, for example, simply because of out geological location, but we still have them, as spoken of in the link. Quite fascinating.

As for San Francisco, I'm assuming a greater magnitude, only because of its location atop the San Andreas Fault.

And thank you for your concern, Helio. I'm just very glad only one person has been injured thus far, it could have been much worse for the ones closer to or on the epicentre. It was a pleasant little market, too, Market Rasen.

EDITED: yep, poor typing creeping back in.

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I'm guessing I'm not the only person that wasn't able to get on the forums...?

I wasn't able to get on.

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We need to make a place to go to when the forum isn't working.

Maybe the PdN DeviantART chat?

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