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Oh yea. I could add another gb of ram. Ill put that before hard drive on the list, but that might change. I am starting to run out of space on my hard drive, and Im planning to get several new games soon. That could eat up a ton more space.

I'm still alive!

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I've heard games are getting bigger in file size. First few Tomb Raider games for PC were well under 1GB, now for Tomb Raider Legend/Anniversary the demos alone are nearing 5GB. Okay, the graphics in them days were shoddy compared to today's standards, even still though, and games are going to get bigger as graphics improve.

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There's not much I can easily upgrade on my laptop. Just the RAM and hard drive, really. As for my desktop box, though, I think the only original component in there is the floppy drive... Oh, and the power supply.


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I said:

Sorry for the double post, but ive really got to get a bigger hard drive soon. Games and programs have really gotten a lot bigger recently. I remember back in the day when the max size for a game was around 500-1gb. Now ive got several games that take up 5gb. One of those games also is moddable, and ive got at least another 4gb of mods for that game. Im still yet to put all my old stuff from my old computers hard drive onto my new one, but that will take up at least another 10-15gb. Ive got a 150gb hard drive, but its not enough for me. I dont see how any of you can live with small hard drives.

Also, programs are getting huge. I recently downloaded visual studio 2008. I think that was around 5 gb as well. I also need plenty of space on my hard drive for my stuff as well. I think Ive got about 35gb left on my hard drive right now. That should be enough for a little while though.

I love how paint.net only takes up 1.3 mb. Ill always have room for it.

I'm still alive!

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My laptop is on the table in front of me, and I'm looking out past it out the window to the front yard.

I can see 4 deer eating my front lawn.

There are 2 babies, a mom and a dad.

I love living in the mountains.

EDIT: Well, the family moved on after about 15 minutes and now I see that there is two female deer in the front yard.

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