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The <off topic> thread

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1. pursuing six pack but doing nothing about it

2. pissed at my computer for randomly losing internet

3. hopelessly attemptiong to correct crroked bow on viola

4. school year is almost over

5. weirded out by people who think im rich....

1.Keep at it, it's awesome when you go swimming. :D :D :D



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On an off-topic on the off-topic, I am quite interested* with logos (if you want to know why ask me later) and I recently saw one of Rick's posts where he mentions a supermassive [black hole, sorry just had to] PDN logo at 2048x2048 pixels but I haven't seen it no doubt unreleased because of it's potential to be reused under a not-so-legitimate purpose, but I'm interested in obtaining it. Most definitely not to distribute of course.

*more like obsessed :roll:

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I've already renamed my rocket tut to "Spacescape Tutorial 1: Rocket Flares."

This is because I have been making spacescapes for a while, and a few friends want to know how.

And yes, it is space related, because I love space. :wink:

Perhaps a nebula tutorial of some kind...

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It has been a full hour and nobody has replied to my Plugin Pack thread yet.

EDIT: Yay! Extra replied!

Yeah, I really want this, man. And so does my pastor. And a handfull of artistically inclined teenagers at my youth group.

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Welcome back Rainshadow! You've been gone for a while.

You should post that in my thread:


Yeah, you missed a lot of threads.

Like I don't already post in this thread on a regular basis, Honda.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

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