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Make a file .txt on desktop, change the extension to .~sy then try to find it in  Win7. No result. I use Everything Search for that.

Make the same thing in XP and will be found instantly.

The .~sy extension is used from PC Schematic for symbol backup files. Sometimes I need to delete these files and Win7 are not found it at all.

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If you open the Windows Store, there should be a giant tile on the very left saying you can upgrade - if that's there, then you should be able to. It's what I'm doing right now.


You do have to download update KB2871389 before the 8.1 tile shows up.


Welcome back, Rubrica!

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I'm a Capricorn


... and finally in the new kitchen.  Just a spotlight to put in and build a plinth for the cooker ... and never going through the experience again.


Positives - lost 5lbs through not having a cooker for a week, self taught myself to plaster walls and use self leveling screed on the floor.

Negatives - fixing drawer fronts when they fell off after the professionals fitted them.


Now that's left to do is get all my PDN files from the old computer 

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wow, crazy upload speed :O


I tried out of curiosity and got this:




I'm going to a LAN party tomorrow... I'm officially subject to ridicule as the Mac guy and also as the guy who doesn't really like to play video games. But it's more of a get-together with friends anyway so I don't care, I got some games in my Steam library awaiting download (like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman: Arkham Asylum)

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