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If you're old a few of us here are almost dinosaurs.  As the saying goes - you're as old as the person you feel ... luckily for me my wife has only just turned 40  :P


My 5 year anniversary here today.  I'm sure the piece I'm working on to commemorate it is going to kill my pc


Youngsters! Ha! :D

My 8th is coming up in less than 2 months.

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Just scare off all the tourists before taking the photo! :lol:


I experimented with a plugin that did the opposite - for rescuing an object I had accidently merged into another layer - didn't get round to publishing it.

Illnab1024's clipboard code compared to the src (with a tolerance slider).

I would think with today's high res cameras, it would be hard to get the photos to line up well enough for a plugin to work. Probably easier to paste rectangular bits of empty background over the unwanted tourists! - (then 'Feather' the edges).

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Welshy, you're so productive! ;)


Is that a good thing or a bad thing ? And how much quantity over quality  :Tutorials:


McAfee is throwing up the big red warning when I click on the install link for GoPhoto.it ... 

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My PhotoBucket account has hit it's bandwidth limit for this month - apologies for any recent tutorials that are down ... I'm in the process of uploading them all to dA.  


7 tutorials have a lot of images to upload/ edit links and I hope to have them all done by tomorrow night.   Just the Glossy Folder Icon to go.  2 hours/ god knows how many image uploads/ link editing later I'm wondering how people stare at a screen all day..  Man I've got a headache.  


2 fingers to those who have accused me in the past of not sharing


Older tutorials will take a bit longer to sort out because I wasn't so organised, but if anyone wants an older one updated let me know in the thread itself or by PM and I'll do it as soon as I can

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