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Copy Merged...!? Finally we'll have this feature in PDN? Can't believe it.

So a "Select All" gets you a copy of a flattened image? Hope it is fast enough for many layers project.

Thanks Rick

Really??? I am stunned but very pleased!

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OK, so today while I was out buzzing around I picked up a copy of Windows 8 Pro. I haven't opened it yet as I'm not sure if it's where I want to go (I suppose eventually I'll have to, but I suspect it'll be awhile 'til MS no longer supports W7). The only reason why I picked up the CD today was because of the price. I figured at it's introductory price, it was better to grab it now than later when it's at full price.

So my question is: Has anyone else purchased it? If so, have you installed it and what is your overall opinion of it?

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Well, I've been dual-booting the release preview for a little while now, and, having gone from Vista to 8, I love it. I've used Windows 7 a lot at school, and from my limited experience with that, 8 feels very similar, but it's very user-friendly and accessible - also, fast, but that might be because my new partition I made for it is considerably less cluttered than my old C: drive. Let's put it this way: I am enamoured enough with it to want to upgrade to the proper, commercial version next month.

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Going to be conscripted in January 2014. Well, I would be, but I refuse from both military and civil service, so I'm going to jail for 181 days on the day my service is supposed to start. Either jail or I get a cool electronic band that prevents me from leaving the municipal area or something like that. :D

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Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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So I wanted to relay this story that I found to be quite funny... it was truly one of those sad moments that you still get a laugh out of like you might see on one of those "Fail" YouTube videos (unfortunately it's not on video) whereas someone is running to go dive into a pool, they slip and do a faceplant in the water.  The man is suffering, but the whole situation, though you can feel the guy's pain, it is still hilarious.  Sometimes these situations are really serious, but somehow (as the videos show), many of us are still able to find that hilarious moment in the whole event.  Well here's the story:


There's this guy in Wyoming who had just lost his wife in a tragic accident and leaving him alone with their very young daughter.  So a couple days after the woman's death the husband is at church for the funeral service without his daughter as he didn't want to expose her to the very sad affair of the funeral itself.  So anyways, about 3/4 of the way through the service this other guy comes running up to the podium and announces to the man that his daughter was just killed at home by a hit and run car.  Obviously, the man is shocked at hearing this and uncontrollably drops to the floor in total anguish.  The man who made the announcement then tells the father that he was only kidding!  OMG, nearly the whole congregation broke out in laughter (except the husband/father).


LMAO, that story is so funny!!!   It literally puts me in stitches and brings tears to my eyes and an aching stomach. 


So tell me, how many of you folks enjoyed that?  I'll venture to guess that nearly all of you did, huh?


I can understand the that guy didn't find it funny as he's just not thick skinned enough to fully enjoy the humor in it, but surely most everybody else here should...

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Hmmm.  Maybe the humor got lost in the details.  Let me simplify it:


The dude is upset.  The other dude found it funny to upset him more. 


Surely now that I've simplified it you can see how humorous it is.




...and no,  I'm not serious, I'm simply telling a funny story.

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Jim's still pouting about his award, Welsh.

In his mind, he's the guy who just lost his wife, and the We The Forum are the ones who think it's funny to tell this poor soul his daughter's died, too.

What a drama queen.


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You're better than that Jim.  @ least I thought you were


Wear it with pride.  I really wanted the Troll award ... 

It's funny you should say that... I had the same impression of another. Looks like all sorts of discoveries can be made here.

Wear it with pride? Maybe it could've simply passed away (my being upset about it), but the fact that another found it humorous to push my buttons while I was still upset about it was not funny. I PM'd him about my initial reaction to the award so as not to spoil that thread, and he responded in kind with a public jab.

... None of us have to find any particle thing as humorous as another does, and that should be respected.

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I am sorry that Jim is upset, and totally understand, but hope that this will blow over soon and be gone.


I also hate the new photobucket format and have chosen to keep the old one :scanner: .


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