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uhhhh, it feels like my D7000 will never ship!

zwicky: :D Better late than never, right? I had a flu, sort of, so I wasn't able to donate blood that day as I had planned. I'm going on Monday, though!

pipp: hello to you as well, nice to "see" you :)

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Would I be able to humbly ask if you could make an album cover for my band's up coming EP?(full recognition to yourself and your efforts of course in the credits/dedications) I really love your space style and I'd be very so appreciative if you could. However I understand if you don't want to of course.

(Does this count as breaking the "Don't ask others to make you things" rule?)

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Bought a pair of orange shorts with floral patterns, but they're huge! I also bought a shirt with a more elaborate floral pattern. Both are actually women's clothes but bah, thinking about that is so last year.


"Got a date tomorrow! It's actually a second date ^^ Well not sure if I'd call them dates, don't even know if it's romantic yet..."

It was cute. But I lost interest in him.

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It's the Silverstone Temjin TJ10 Black case. It's beautiful, but difficult to do it justice with a photograph.

You know how most home theater A/V equipment has a nice polished steel look to it? It's a style that sort of says "someone actually cared about this equipment, don't treat it like some cheap commodity" :) (although it also has "MADE IN CHINA" stamped on the back, go figure)

Pics: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163089 . I ordered from Amazon but they only have 1 blurry picture. Newegg doesn't carry it but has all the good pics. Go figure.

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