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(Lost) lol! (i'm finally in the middle of the 6th season)

I finally finished watching the end of LOST a few weeks ago.....I'm not going to ruin it for you, but I did not like the way it ended on the last 2 hour episode. I did like the show in general all the way from the beginning, but when I saw the final episode, I was a tab disappointed. My lady liked it, so it could just be me, but I just felt that particular ending was boring and made me feel I wasted my time watching it from the beginning. Again, that's just me.

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I could never get into Lost :|

Not much time or inclination to watch TV, lately

So many series stored on my satellites hard drive (Nikita, Rookie Blue, Terra Nova, The Middle ) ... and The new series of The Walking Dead airing on Friday

Got to make time ...

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1.) I have personified my mind and giving him (he's a he because I am male, not being sexist :D ) a name. His name is Eugene and he was 'born' sometime in February 2007.

2.) I hate February because I hate to spell/write/speak/type this month, therefore I might legally change Eugene's 'birthday'.

You just crossed the line pal!! February is my month & I don't like you offending it! *spits boltbait.mad.png

In other news, Pyrochild you also disgust me! If you think Lost is.... that.. way, then keep it to yourself!!

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NMD - that post is like how old? February here for us is like hell, only hell is cooler. We also have the February dragon. After drying to a crisp, the countryside is on extreme or catastrophic fire alert & we have had some truly tragic bush fires. Personally for me it marks the end of the silly season & a return to normality after all the endless holidays & empty festivities :mrgreen:

So sorry NMD & BB, pyro is right for once... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I messed up my computer by accidentally starting a drive restore and then deciding it was a bad idea about 3% of the way through, so I made an Ubuntu live disc on my flash drive and have now been booting with it for almost a month haha

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@ barbieq

And I don't care if you say he's right about Lost! (cause he's not, he's outnumbered and the majority decides)

Nope the person who's opinion it isof it, is right ... you love it ... Pyro doesn't. Personally I'm with Pyro

... the most important thing from your viewpoint is that you enjoyed it :)

@ 'Nab ... b_mmer mate

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I'm a bit biased, having used Windows since 3.1, but I personally find Win7 much more usable and user-friendly than OSX. Maybe I'm just a "power-user," but every time I've ever used MacOS, it reminds me of a conversation my friends Mike and Avery once had:

Mike: You're still using Mac? Windows is so much more full-featured.

Avery: Oh, whatever. Name one thing your Windows machine can do right out of the box that my Mac can't.

Mike: [instantly] Right-click.

He was met with complete silence. I laughed, but it seems to me that it's an endemic problem with the Macintosh platform: it's easier to use because there's only one way to do anything, but that sacrifices a lot of conveniences. Context menus are one of those conveniences. I can't stand it when I'm trying to do something and it takes three trips across the screen with a cursor to perform an operation I could do with a single right-click on a Windows install.

tl;dr: Windows 7 is more convenient than OSX.

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