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The <off topic> thread

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I like the part where it goes "nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan"

I reckon that's gonna be the next waffle thing. Waffle being... weird but insanely awesome. Kinda like doublerainbow guy.

Anyone watch the Breakers vs Taipans game the other night?

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I love cats, but couldn't finish one myself. Do you want to split one with me? :lol:

In other news: half marathon offroad - personal best today of 1:45 in the pouring rain :)

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What is the difference between a newb and a noob?

For example:

Is it:

I remember when I was a newb, wandering the alleyways of the forum,


I remember when I was a noob, wandering the alleyways of the forum.

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Newb is a shortening of the word newbie. I tend to pronounce it the same way - essentially new-b - in my head, just to keep the distinction. Newbie is a generally affectionate term for someone who is new to the thing in question. Referring to someone as a newb points out their lack of experience as a natural extension of the limited amount of time they've had, and is usually used without malice. It is possible to grow out of being a newbie simply with time and practice.

On the other hand, a noob - pronounced as it looks as a single syllable, sometimes spelled n00b if you're h4rdc0r3 l33t - can be a person of any experience level who is either willfully ignorant or immature, and often unnecessarily confrontational when their skill set isn't anywhere near where they claim. For example, this is the word that is used when referring to the M203 attachment as the "noob tube" in Call of Duty online multiplayer - whereas a perfectly cooked and thrown grenade takes practice, popping an M203 shell into a room to instantly detonate on contact can be done by just about anyone, and therefore is seen as noobish behavior when a person of higher rank is seen using one. Noobishness is a state of mind, not a question of time, and is thus more difficult to grow out of.

These are not set in stone, of course, but as I understand it, newb would be the appropriate term for that sentence.

On a personal note, I can't believe I'm analyzing the semantics of newb vs. noob. The Internet is a crazy place. Then again, if "refudiate" is a word now...

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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