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The problem with fundamentalist Christian satire is that the satire is often indistinguishable from the real thing...

Indeed :/

Offtopic: Another bad earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, same place as the last one. Reports of fatalities this time... looks to be worse than the previous quake. :(

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Much worse.

Initial reports of 17 dead have just been revised upwards by our Prime Minister to 65. That toll is expected to rise.

The devastation in the centre of the city is appreciably worse than the last quake. Buildings are flattened, people are trapped inside. Makeshift tirage units and morgues have been set up.

I was in the city when it struck. Frightening experience. :(

This is a bad one people.

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Hi people! I just wanted to announce that, until further notice, I'm leaving the forums; I have too many things to deal with lately, and I don't have time for leisure any more. I delegate responsibility for the Pixel Competition to Axle (the next theme is impossible constructions) and I wish you all a good day!

Feel free to keep messaging me, I'll always have time to check my PMs - there's just no time for posting any more, what with Emily, my work, my book, et cetera.

Have fun!

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Hello everyone, I'm not sure what happened lately but I stopped my discussions here on the forums for almost no reason at all. Ok, maybe I've been working almost every weekend and been overwhelmed with school, but I don't know why I havent checked in here lately. Glad to see the usual still around, hope I didn't miss much. ;)

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hi all...

as I said last time I was here... am not on a lot, I had a weird year, was going to travel the world after me and my bf broke up... I got stuck in Belgium with a new bf and guess what... I'm 4 months pregnant of a son!! am just out of the hospital cause of a rare pregnancy diseas and now healing.

I try to update now and then, but I can't keep up with new members and all, SORRY!!!

Further, I hope everyone of you is okey and have lots of creativity :)

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Finally I found the thread, Aislin.

I for one am over the moon for you, sweetheart. I know you had a really rough time last year & I missed you a lot.

The first few months can be hard but I can honestly say that you will forget all of it once the baby is here. I hope that it will all go smoothly from here on in.

Don't worry Aislin, my posts get ignored too sometimes...

There are worse things than having a baby pyro - just give me a month & I'm sure I can think of something by then :lol:

Sorry pyro B) just had to do it.

The Brisbane floods? What about Toowoomba? Lockyer Valley? Ipswich? Rockhampton? Most of Queensland was flooded! Trying to get a course for adult literacy tutors that every Technical & Advanced Education College (TAFE) spruiks to deliver - nada, zippo, nothing unless you want to travel 800klm to Brisbane so that you can volunteer your time to help other adults read & write. Brisbane might the state's capital but somtimes it feels like they think that is all there is to the state. Rant over! (wrong place I know but responding to previous post).

Again Aislin, I am wishing all the very best for you, your partner & your baby boy.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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There are worse things than having a baby pyro - just give me a month & I'm sure I can think of something by then :lol:

Sorry pyro B) just had to do it.

Of course there are worse things than having a baby pyro. That's like saying there are worse things than winning the lottery twice or an having an unlimited-but-magically-non-fattening-yet-still-delicious supply of fine chocolate. There are always, by definition, worse things than the best possible thing.


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