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well. thanks for your support but its terrible here. still got no water but that aside, atleast im safe. waters rose a hell-of-a-lot. my local plant nurseries shed's roof is hardly visable under the water (its an industrial shed, really big). news said it was last recorded at a 4.5 metre rise. nearly the worst we've seen, (its the second worst) (worst was back in 1974), brisbane's streets are flooded and near-by suburbs, my school is flooded to, not sure how bad though ;) .

no water meant showering is difficult. so i didn't xD

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Things are pretty serious here in Queensland. a lot of areas are almost completely submerged and others are almost completely isolated.

Are you in Queensland too? Very sad the loss of so many lives. So much destruction.

Ironic isn't it that with so much water around you there is none coming out of the tap. It's going to make clean up very hard. I hope you all stay safe.

The water has receded very slowly here - weeks it has taken. It pongs a lot too. So bizarre to see fish swimming over the law. Crocodiles have been sighted in the streets apparently.

Take care guys!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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oh, sorry bout that but i did it four times (apparently) because it kept saying 'ERROR: report invalid' then i gave up.

but back on topic of the off topic-ness. the flood dropped a lot but two of my friends houses got flooded :( one was on holiday as well - nothing saved :(

im no longer stranded but its a mad house outside. got worse than the 1974 floods over our way and my dad made it home :)

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Basically, they realized that the rotation of the Earth has changed in the last 3,000 or so years and so now the months and stars are about a month off...and the 13th constellation is now visible...but this is only for those who use the Sidereal zodiac...most westerners use the Tropical one...which hasn't changed for some reason.

I'm not sure about you Aussies...IDK which one you use...

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