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The <off topic> thread

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I've got my menu, address bar, tabs, and bookmark toolbar(b/c I use the links listed everyday)

As a rule, I don't download programs that require me to get their toolbar unless I really need the program. And even then, I delete it pretty quickly

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just curious, why did you switch to vegetarian?

Because my father did. I have never liked meat in my life, so there hasn't been a great difference in my diet since I 'made the switch' (apart off not being able to eat anything that contains gelatin or ather animal products). It's not that I think it's immoral to eat meat, it's just the way we do. If you'd look into the business behind McDonalds etc you'd find enough reasons to stop eating meat.

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I have all this leftover chocolate from making chocolate-covered strawberries for Christmas and I don't know what to do with it.

Chocolate-covered oranges?

Chocolate-covered apples?

Chocolate-covered shrimp?

Chocolate-covered cranberry sauce?

Chocolate-covered ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls?

Chocolate-covered french fries?

Chocolate-covered pizza?

Chocolate-covered chocolate?

Chocolate-covered EVERYTHING?!



Owls are creepy.

Also unrelated: I am getting dangerously close to 10k posts :(


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Meh...I don't really like A1...although mixing just a tad in with some smoky BBQ sauce has a nice flavor...=)

My fiancee's little bro practically inhales A1 sauce though....If he were able to survive on A1, milk, and popcorn chicken, he would....not even joking on that =P<br><br> On another note....RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!...but no snow =(...I <3 thunderstorms, but this is just a cold, icky drizzle that I'm hoping will freeze over tonight.<br><br>Also, Kansas isn't completely horrible...I rather enjoy the song "Carry on my Wayward Son"<br>

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I've got a friend that is allergic to pretty much any tropical fruit...which sucks because I make an amazing fruit punch that has pineapple sherbet, coconut cream, chucks of fruits, Sprite, etc etc...She asked me to make her some w/o all her allergic stuff...The only thing she could have was the sprite...=(

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