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My sisters and I tried to make candy today =D...It failed....The pumpkin roll was too thick to roll up so we made a pumpkin layer cake...thing.....the divinity is a taffy/rocky candy sugary mix of heart attack...and we let the Irish cream fudge set too soon so the Irish Cream didn't have a chance to cook down...so, my minor(I'm 20) self can't legally eat it...sucks because it smells amazing...lol

We decided not to try to make Coconut bonbons...maybe some other time

We also got the divinity too hot and melted the spoon we were mixing with. o.0

How's everyone else's holiday cooking going?

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I've made cheese for the second time. Looks edible B)

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Mm, Germany. All those sausages and schnitzel's and beer and whatnot... Not the best cuisine for a 16-year-old vegetarian. :roll: If I'm picked, I'll be coming there as an exchange summer student next year. I want to learn to speak the language a bit better.

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Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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