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The <off topic> thread

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New Zealand != Australia. Yes, I like it here.

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NZ = Auzzie?

It's a programmer thing. != means 'not equal to'. That's the symbol I used because Axle mistakenly attributed me to Oz :)

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Come see the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Haka will be performed anywhere a group of drunk kiwi males gather boltbait.roll.png

Haka is becoming so overdone here in NZ that the term 'cultural cringe' is actually starting to be used. Trouble is, any half drunk twit thinks he/she can do one, and is happy to try and prove it boltbait.sad.png .

Correctly performed by a group of people who are in tune with the cultural significances, the haka is a surprisingly powerful and emotional experience. Former Prime Minister, Sir Rob Muldoon, had an impromptu haka performed at his funeral. It was breathtaking, beautiful and emotionally charged. It was a wonderful tribute to him from that group of Maori.

My vote: Leave haka to the experts.

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I'm hopelessly out of touch, but I believe it (:rainbow:) relates to sexuality.

Rainbow Youth is an Auckland-based organisation that provides support, information, advocacy & education for queer young people & their families. ...

(I could be VERY wrong ).

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