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Errrr.... yum? In actual fact, ignore this:

Well, it kinda depends how big the tires are and how much sauce he wants on them.

Just pour that sauce on!


I'm kinda wondering what this does so....

EDIT: What is snapback? It doesn't seem to do anything.

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Gotta love the Arkansas weather...quite literally, it was in the 70s like 2 days ago, and this morning we woke up with ice on the windows and a high in the low 40s...On Thanksgiving, it was nasty, rainy, and icky. Today, it was beautiful...but cold...

A friend of mine(who lives about 20 minutes away) said it was sunny and happy outside just about the same time it was nasty at my house.

The high today was in the 40s, and for the next 3 days, the highs are in the high 50s-60s...

I live in a weather rollercoaster. lol

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