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in the same bowl, yes, and no it isn't that bad, you have to have lots of MILO to get a chocolate flavour, not enough just tastes bad. but at it's best you still can't get over the fact of what your eaeting. The first time i had it was when my Grandfather made it for me


anyone thats a fan of pixel art should check out this site, its freeking amazing some of it


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How can you tell if someone's a compulsive liar, assuming that their pants are not on fire?

With polititicians (and used car salesmen) its easy: when their lips move they are lying. boltbait.lol.png (apologies to any UC Salesmen out there - you know I love you all and you do a wonderful job...).

How about body language? You know, the furtive eye movements, excessive sweating, repeatedly asking you for money.....,

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I don't like biscuits, and I don't like gravy, so the two together are absolutely disgusting, to my taste buds. I would rather eat used tires with Worcestershire slathered on them.

Well I'm about to replace my tires so I can go snowboarding without fear of my car sliding off the mountain on the way there, so if you want to pick up the old ones...


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[i write plugins and stuff]

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