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{User.Message:"This link shows the most common problems/solutions for installation difficulties:


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Off-topic, random question: how much would you say the average person would be prepared to pay for a basic website? As in, the design and layout and such things. My aunt's getting a new website for her "art" business and we want to check we don't pay too much for it (yes we're paying, not her. Don't ask).

It depends greatly on the complexity of the website--most designers charge by the hour, after all. If your website is fairly basic with no fancy-schmancy scripts or extended functionality (say, a home, about, gallery and a contact form or two), you're looking at several hundred to a thousand. If you're getting creative with shops, slick effects/transitions, Flash or almost webapp-like development, you can easily expect the price to skyrocket into the high four digits and beyond.

I ask that you don't quote me on any of this.

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Just curious, what ever happened to Ash?

His last post, from Dec 2009:

Dear All,

I am just busy busy busy, my bed is not even warm and I have to travel again!

Considering the economy like this, I should feel lucky I guess. :P

I have many big projects coming up next year and maybe have to add Brazil, Thailand....etc etc to my trips!

On top of my already usual Asia trips.

But believe me, I have NOT abandon PDN nor all of you.

I will be back!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

Warmest regards

Ash :)

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Had to share this.

This leaves me torn. You can empathize with those smalltown people trying to get the foreign forces out of their country, and pity the US soldiers who have to put up with this bloody potato on a daily basis..

This makes an already questionable war completely lose its reason.

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The El Paso County Health Department has asked that the following message be forwarded to the UCCS Student Body.


Tom Hutton

University Advancement

I'm glad they got such an important message out so efficiently. I am informed!


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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