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The problem is they only test the latest beta of IE9 and not the latest betas of the other browsers. ;)

Doesn't bother me a bit. The fact that IE9 out paces and is more standards-compliant than the most recent stables of other browsers is extremely exciting. The most important aspect of the browser is that it drives developers to support standards quicker, and that makes the internet a better place.

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It certainly warms my heart to see MS waking up and realizing that Apple and Google are up their (you get the rest...)

I think Win7 and IE9 show that MS care a little more than in the Win2K - XP era.

Still, the problem is, IE9 is just XHTML, HTML5, SVG, CSS, etc. compliant, but if MS concentrate on complying with standards (that all (or most) of all the other browsers already comply by), they cannot add new features. I predict, however, that IE10 will be a serious competitor with Chrome. Opera will run out of innovative ideas and Firefox will rise again. I love Firefox 4 Beta. Nearly driving me away from Chrome...

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I'm still going to stick with Firefox. I still can't stand to use IE and I don't like using Chrome. I find Chrome interface to be very ugly and bland. I'm sure there are plently of theme to change the appearance of Chrome.

I'm looking forward to upgrading to Win 7. My wife is already raving about her new desktop at work, and being the skeptic, I'll wait till we have on the computer.

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