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The <off topic> thread

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still it falls under the line of not family friendly i would have to agree with nab. Also i didn't find that the least bit entertaining.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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my new laptop the new Alienware M11X.. i allso got the M17X but i borrowed it to my girlfriend.. i recommend the M11X to everyone who need to a school + a gaming computer.. (its awsome)

Alienware hasnt been what it used to but with the 3 new laptops and some new desktops they are getting back on the top of the mountain :) just ordered a desktop to share with my brother :D

ps. i hope you understand the danish xD


Kill Me....


i <3 Dell

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Pentium 4 is actually quite slow. That one's about as fast as a ~1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, except without the 2nd core.

Plus it could use an upgrade to Windows 7 ;)

Thats true, definatly doesnt run like a 2.66Gz computer. :lol: Windows Xp is just a fail.

No matter how you look at it.

I want Windows 7 sooo bad. :cry:

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