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Make that two Florida FTWs.

Florida wins :)


I'm going to start a randomesque conversation here, since my friends and I were discussing it earlier; What's the most powerful thing you've ever seen (TV, movie, song, play, poem, ect.)? You know, something that has put you in either a lengthy daze or simply in tears. Personally, the one that sticks out of my mind the most is an episode of The Locator (if you've ever heard of it). Put shortly, a man (the "Locator") attempts to reunite a son with his father (and the rest of his family) who had been separated since the son was about 3 years old. It was at the very climax of the episode where they hug for the first time in ~35 years, as the father said "hello son" in very tearful but joyous words that I couldn't help but cry myself. It's the fact that this isn't fake (The Locator is 100% real people) that really made the moment so powerful for me.

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What's the most powerful thing you've ever seen (TV, movie, song, play, poem, ect.)?

Music has always been the medium that has moved me the most. I've been touched by all sorts of music, but, probably because of my Christian upbringing, when I try to make a shortlist of the songs that were most powerful to me, it seems they're all worship songs from various artists.

3. In the Burning by Something Like Silas (available here)

2. This Fragile Breath by Tod Agnew (available here)

1. Mystery by Phil Wickham (available here)

All three of these songs were the first songs I heard from the respective artists, and all three caused me to immediately seek out the artist and purchase the album.

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Holy moly - the thread has slipped down to 6th place! I must revive it! :P

Anyone know why iPod Touch and iPhone don't appear in My Computer? (Well they do, but aren't explorable...)

I'd like to backup my brother's apps from his iPod Touch onto the computer without jail-braking it, and every where online that seems to be the only solution.

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Jail breaking it is the only solution. This is because of how the SSD is formated in the device. It is a real pain because it only allows for the exploration of pictures. Audio, Video, and applications are all hidden and can only be accessed via SSH. Thankfully, however, if you are on an iPod Touch it is completely reversible (zero trace) to jailbreak. Just use blackra1n then use Cydia to install OpenSSH. Username will always be 'root' and the password is always 'alpine'.


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Username will always be 'root' and the password is always 'alpine'.

'Course, you'll want to change that after you get in the first time. There has been a worm going around that takes advantage of people leaving the default password in place.

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