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so my dad recently got linux on his laptop and we are confused. i did do a google, and went to the site...but am still a bit confused. someone care to give a bit of a run through?

Is the distro Ubuntu?

i believe so, but now we have a diff. problem (sorry, computer challenged here) im running my comp in safe mode, and in the device manger our video controller has an exclamation mark next to it (it says that the drivers for the device is not installed) not quite sure how to fix?

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Is there a reason why you're running it in safe mode? Safe mode disables nonessential / extraneous / third party drivers, so it may be simply because of that.

Also, you should probably seek out a tech-support forum, seeing as how we kinda have a rule against that sort of thing here, and we're getting pretty close to that territory. ;)

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k, sooo then any good tech support forums?

There are a few suggestions in a stickied thread in this section.

(im running in safe cause im getting the black screen of death other wise(where nothing is there except a black screen))

If it's similar to this, then it's the same problem that my VAIO's having at the moment and that thread may help.

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Safe mode is only for troubleshooting problems, and getting back to regular mode ASAP.

I had some guy e-mailing me and asking why some random feature of Paint.NET wouldn't work in safe mode. I asked him why he was running in safe mode, and he gave some nonsensical rant about how it was more secure. :shock: Well, I mean, strictly technically speaking maybe kinda sorta yes ... because half of the system is disabled. My old TI-83 calculator is, technically speaking, more secure than Windows... but that's because it can't really do anything of consequence.

I had to tell him that Paint.NET isn't tested or designed to run in safe mode, nor is anything else on his computer, but he kept insisting there was some kind of bug in Paint.NET and *cough* *snort* harumph and humbug why hadn't I fixed it already? :roll:

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I love the sudden inspiration I've gotten lately. I also love chickfila.


Meh. Chick-fil-a is alright... :|

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I agree, 2012 does look awsome :D cant wait to see it.

What bugs me is that there are people out there downplaying the film saying they are not going to see it because nothing is going to happen in 2012, its all lies, the film is playing on the myth ect....blah blah

I say screw them, the film looks awsome. Hollywood have picked up on the mythos of 2012 and decided to make a filmr about it. So its based off half truths, half facts, make believe and tinkerbells special mix. But 80% of films are like that! Just because its loosly based of some urban myth doesnt mean that i am not going to watch it.

Indiana Jones, for example does this and does it good. As an student in my finale year studying archaeology myself, I should be cringing at all the mistakes and inaccuraces that indy and other movies like 10,000BC and Outlander make. But i dont, because its awsome entertainment.

anyway /end rant, 2012 is one of the films i am dying to see, along with 4th kind, which looks amazing.

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Meh, 2012 is just a Michael Bay movie with the little story his movies have, gone. The only reason I'd see that avatar movie is because a friend of mine, =JoeJesus is doing the space art for all the scenes with planets/stars/etc. TMWSAG looks flat out amazing. Also, I'm excited for Iron man 2. Though if I could only see one movie for the next 14 months, I'd see Tron. Kthx

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...so while everyone's watching 2012, I'm going to be trapped watching New Moon with Tiffany.... *sigh*

By the way, I'm trying to make something really epic out of this, but I don't know what to do (can't find acapellas that match it right):

http://drop.io/del_rio/asset/minimalist ... ocello-mp3

Any ideas? I'm trying to keep it minimalistic :)

EDIT: Kinda just noticed that while I use FL Studio, one of the best techno making engines, I tend to stand by more real-world instruments for my music. I was never destined to make rave music, I guess.

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