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Hi! I was wondering, what do you all think of this website? I created it for my father, and I would like some criticism, please. I DID use a template, I admit. Also, it's not quite finished; there are more pages to come.


Blimey, I'm impatient.

Aah, I said blimey! I really am a southerner! :(

Anyway, sorry to be so rude, but did anyone look?

And also, nice photos everyone.

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Yeah, I did.

Warning: Criticism ahead

Hidden Content:
The template is.. not OK. Doesn't fit the site of a self-employed enterpriser, looks like a forum. Too brash, too flashy, reduce the design, white is the new black :lol:

Simple web design is needed, make it more sleek and fading into itself or something :P

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I really do have a habit of destroying your pints, Frontcannon, don't I?

Warning: Criticism of criticism ahead.

Hidden Content:
It should look like a forum, because forums encourage interaction, and the idea of Momentum is to encourage client communication. Flashy is needed because, well, my dad liked it. :DActually, I've got a valid reason; we want to emphasise that our company is the future, with unconventional styles and premises.

So, yeah. :P

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Decided to throw a whole bunch of samples and beats I made in the past into a heap of Radiohead remix:


Kinda rough (I never really synced the BPM), but it came out surprisingly epic (and short).

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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