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I'm suspicious. Is Rick purposely releasing Paint.NET 3.5 around Windows 7's release date? :D

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I was wondering, what is everyone's opinions on personaility tests such as these?


Personally, eve though I never heed what they tell me, there's something about answering questions and the "logic" behind the results that means I can never resist a good personality test. What about you guys?

Before I worked at a nuclear power plant, I was required to take the MMPI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_ ... _Inventory test. It was over 500 questions long.

After the test, the tester said, "I noticed that you marked 'true' to the question 'you hear voices telling you what to do'. Care to explain?"

I responded, "Well, before I started the test, you verbally told me to take the test. I clearly heard your voice telling me what to do."

"Oh, OK. Nevermind."


I, typically, never do those stupid tests found on Facebook or other social sites.

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I mostly can't resist them when boredom reports in :D

My Musical Preferences

Sad, Relaxing, Romantic


Well, this test has completely failed.

More like

Agressive, Loud, Thriving.


Also I'm self-attuned, extroverted, cool-headed, warm & cooperative. :D

Also you can cheat on the registration procedure if you use the Noscript FF plugin ;)

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