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Help! I'ma complete idiot because I don't understand layers.

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Man im sorry for posting this as its been probably addressed but I just dont have the time to search though years of threads. Ok this is what I want to do. All I want to do is to select an object, move it and place it on top of another object. Like putting a hat on a persons head. I remember in MS paint this was quite simple as you just used a rectangle select, changed the background to transparent and moved it with you mouse...on here I cant figure it out, Ive moved backgrounds and nothing and created big checkerboard squares in my image to to point where im yelling obscenities at my computer screen. Any help before I go totally postal?? :evil:


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You could use the Lasso Select tool to select the item that you want to cut out and put on another image, and the checkerboard means that the background is transparent. I think you should open your picture, and add a new layer, and add the item that you cut out to the new layer, then change the layer's properties to "Overlay". I think it should come up. If not, just check out this tutorial, it shows how to cut out images:


Hope it helps :D

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