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Top 5 Most Played Songs...

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Fergie - Glamorous

Sean Paul - We Be Burnin'

Sean Paul - Blazin'

Sean Paul - Temperature

Sean Paul - Give it up to me

Sean Paul Music, music controle is in the upper right

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Top five tracks (as scrobbled to my Last.fm profile) are:

Spyro Gyra - Old San Juan

Tower Of Power - What Is Hip

Miles Davis - So What

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Pink Floyd - Time

Top 5 bands / artistes.

Pink Floyd

Stevie Wonder

Tower Of Power

Jurassic 5

The Roots


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Stadium Arcadium - REd Hot Chili Peppers

In Fate's Hands - the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

By The Way - Red hot Chili Peppers

All THe Best Cowboys Have Daddy issues - Senses Fail

No It Isn't - +44


oops thats 6.. oh well.


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There isn't even a way to discribe your selection of music other than... outdated :P

Right because you definitely know who these bands are. Especially ガゼット. I bet you're an absolute expert on them. Don't judge music you haven't listened to. I, on the other hand, know exactly who Fergie and Sean Paul are, as my ride to school in the mornings is absolutely obsessed with that ... can you call it music? It'd be a stretch.


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[i write plugins and stuff]

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Everyone knows these are the best songs in the world ever. Shame on you all for liking the wrong music.

The Killers - Bling (Confession of a King)

Mint Royale - Singing In The Rain

DragonForce - Body Breakdown

The theme tune to the A - Team.

Lost Prophets - 4AM forever

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Muse - Sing for absolution

Billy Talent - River below

The Tetris theme tune

and who could forget.... purplemotion - satelliteone

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Well according to my last.fm scrobbles:

Top 5 Artists:

1. The Beatles

2. Muse

3. Cat Stevens

4. Pink Floyd

5. Gorillaz

Top 5 Tracks:

1. Daft Punk - Human After All

2. Muse - Knights of Cydonia

3. Röyksopp - Remind Me

4. Cat Stevens - Wild World

5. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

My Last.fm Page

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My favorites (and they're awesome.)

Rihanna - Umbrella

Nickelback - Savin' Me

Nickelback - If Everyone Cared

T-Pain ft. Yung Joc - Buy You A Drank

50 Cent - Candyshop

50 Cent - In Da Club

Yea, I'm hip... In my own way.

Don't critize, just compliment and post your list.

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Let's see. iTunes top 5 songs:

Eulogy for the Republic - Christopher Lennertz

MoH:RS ending credits score - Christopher Lennertz

Making a Difference - Christopher Lennertz

A Homecoming - Christopher Lennertz

This Machine - Julien-K (Sonic Heroes soundtrack recording)

Christopher Lennertz is one of my favorite composers. 22 of my Top 25 Most Played are Christopher Lennertz works. :D

If you factor in my portable MP3 player (Sandisk Sansa e250 - no iPlod for the Dan), then you'd probably have Homeward Bound and Arms of Love by Among the Thirsty, Pusher and All Night by Mark the Sky, and Awakening by Black Sky Surrender as the top 5. I'm not positive, as it doesn't track plays of each track, but I know those five are at least in my top 15...

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