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Feature request: Perspective view.

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Hi all,

Now, I don't know why this idea came into my head, but would it be possible to make a perspective view, so you can make 3D images, and view it from all angles? I know this sounds hard and takes a long time but...would it be possible?

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I would suggest, if you want to make 3D images, you research SketchUp by Google. It is a free 3D design software. It is very easy to use.


Paint.NET is not a 3D design software and it is not likely to morph into one.

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Well, if you knew about SketchUp, why did you post this thread?


Use the right tool for the job. When a carpenter needs to screw in a screw, he grabs a screwdriver. He doesn't try to change his hammer into a screwdriver just because his favorite tool is the hammer.

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