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Zigzag ray thingy -new Shape_umabob

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I hadn't seen any zigzag type tools so this might be useful.

Beta 3.4

Tried to update a lot of stuff.

It is what is.

Finally got a couple of C# books. :D

Did something interesting, was able to open a form, then close the pdnbase form releasing the drawing controls. The new empty form stayed open(a customtoolbar for shapes?), but don't know if the new

form can do any of the necessary things like Update() and effectokenupdate. Need "Handshaking" or something someone said?

I'm guessing you could probably use sounds, or even use XNA Gamestudio Express features for whatever purpose being it's C#,

say for "Sprites" or DRAW Gamestudio Sprite frames not that you would need to(WINK). I think a font creator plugin would be very cool.

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