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More layers causing fading... How can I stop that?

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Ok this may be a simple thing to you guys, but I am fairly new to this. I have searched for the answer and was unable to find it so I decided I might as well post :D .

Ok when I am trying to make a sig and I add more layers the bottom layer fades away a bit. Here's an example:

1st layer:


Ok now I add the second layer with another gradient:


See how after the second layer, the first layer is faded away a bunch. I want the first layer to be just as bright as the second...

Here's an example of a completed sig where the render and the background faded and made me a bit mad...


So I'm just wondering if there is any solution to this whether it is simply right under my nose or if it is a plug in. It seems when I look at sigs made by other people this never happens so I assume there has got to be a way to stop it.

Thanks! :D

-Dr. D

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What are your primary and secondary colors set to?

Are changing the blending mode for the top layer?

The first gradient you did looks like a Linear Gradient :LinearGradient: and the second looks like a Reflected Linear Gradient :LinearReflectedGradient: . Also, remember that, until you finalize it, the gradient can be edited by moving the little nubs around.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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Yes you are right about the :LinearGradient: and :LinearReflectedGradient:

On the 1st backround layer ( :LinearGradient: ), the colors are set to: Primary = black and Secondary = white

On the second :LinearReflectedGradient: layer they are set to: Primary = black and Secondary = white transparent

And no I didnt manualy change the blending mode for the top layer

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Ok I tried that, and it didn't work but then as I was going back to normal, I accidently clicked on multiply, and it changed everything back to normal!

So my problem is now solved!

Thanks so much for helping me guys. You can lock or delete this post or whatever if you want to.

Thanks :D !

-Dr. D

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