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Suggestion - Smart Fill Tool

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Here's my conundrum: For some tasks (mainly alpha masking) that require a custom filled shape, I have to do two things, draw the the subject outline, and then fill the shape with a color.

Currently, after drawing a custom outline using the line and/or brush tool, I use the paint bucket tool :PaintBucketTool: to fill the object and have the tool's tolerance set at 70 to compensate for the anti-aliased edges of my outline.

I'm just wondering if it would be possible to have the paint bucket recognize when it reaches an edge of the same color (in this case, the custom outline) and automatically adjust itself to compensate for anti-aliasing (without having to adjust the tool's tolerance manually.)

The effect would be the same as setting the tolerance of the paint bucket tool to 70 and left-clicking, but the tolerance wouldn't have to be messed with (if you go above 70, the whole image gets filled.)

Not really a necessity, but it could be a time saver and a bit more intuitive. :)

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Or, use Backspace to fill the selection with the primary color.

:| Sure, except you still have to mess with the tolerance to compensate for anti-aliasing.

You could just turn off anti-alias when you draw your original shape. Very Happy

Aye, that's a possibility...sept you lose the makeitlookgood effect of anti-aliasing. :wink:

Or, use the recolor tool.

Works well for a simple shape, not so much if you're attempting to mask things like people or trees. :?

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