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Code Lyoko going off-air?

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Once I "sent" an email that was suppose to go to my wife to the Pictorium. Somehow my screens switched focus...

Yeah, I deleted that in like 2.5 seconds! You should put that in the ' You know your addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when...' thread. :lol:

uH: Well, I had seen that there was a new post in the Overflow. I went there, and saw with my very own eyes that very post in the avatar rating thread. I hit reply, and lo and behold, it had vanished! :shock: :lol:

of lol's>

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Is it just me, or did you just post that in the 'Rate the av.' thread uH? :lol:

Um.... I do not know what you are talking about......


Thank you Honda.

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