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I just got a new computer, and now I am able to use plugins because the plugins wont work on the old computer for some reason. I found inspiration, but I still havnt finished anything for a while. Im working on a ton of stuff, but im really slow at pdn

I'm still alive!

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I need inspiration. I haven't made anything from scratch in PDN for almost 3 weeks. I need an idea, a big project to do.

When I'm looking for inspiraton or a project I find it useful to look at tutorials for other graphics programs (usually Photoshop tutorials) and try to replicate them in PDN.

Check out Tutorialized.com or PSWorkshop.net

A lot of the tutorials posted are made very easy by Photoshop's vast array of effects, but I have found that you can replicate many of them in PDN with a bit of imagination. Also, in attempting to replicate them I often stumble upon an unexpected result that leads me in a completely different direction.

If you are looking to do something specific, try creating realistic looking Bullet Holes. I have been attempting this for weeks without great success. There are many PS tutorials that use different methods, that I have (so far) been unable to replicate. I'd love to see someone else take a shot.



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