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Color Palette Inconsistent

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I recently got Paint.NET and I'm loving it so far. One thing that has really annoyed me though is this: the primary/secondary drop-down box in the color palette.

If it is set to "primary", then left clicking on a color will make that color primary, right clicking will make it secondary.

If it is set to "secondary", both right and left clicking will make the color secondary! So then you have to go up and switch the box back to primary if you want to set the primary color again.

This problem comes up mostly when using :ColorPicker: because whenever you use it, it changes the drop-down box as well.

So the simple solution is removing the dang box! In my opinion, when working with the color palette or :ColorPicker:, left click should always set primary, right click should alway set secondary.

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This dropdown exist because of Tablet PC support.

Their stylus (and other gfx tablets) have only one button, so you can't basically "right click" and "left click". Just click.

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Well seeing as Paint.NET isn't a tablet-only product, the drop down box should be an option set by the user. It's not so much the drop down box that annoys me anyway, it's that it operates inconsistently with regards to left and right click. It doesn't make sense for the color palette to act differently for different clicks - that's just confusing for the user.

So I suppose I'd also be fine if when the box is set to "primary" that both left and right clicking would set the primary color.

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