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v2.5 Beta 5 teaser (screenshots + hey there's a curve tool)

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Here's some screenshots from the upcoming Beta 5, coming out on Monday (the 31st):

* New setup options. Most people don't care about configuring all those pages worth of installation options anyway, and some people get confused and give up. So we have a "Quick" setup. Simply click Next, accept the license agreement, then you're done. There's also a neat reflection on the logo icon for the setup wizard 8) (and yes, the reflection was made using Paint.NET)


* The Levels adjustment gets a little bit of added bling-bling (the histograms look nicer).


* Lots of bug fixes (25+). Thanks to everyone who's reported a bug. Sorry, no screenshot for this one ;)

* And last but not least, the Line tool is now the Line / Curve tool. If you drag the nubs using the left mouse button, it curves using spline interpolation -- this is most intuitive for most users because the curve gets drawn through each control point. However, many people have explicitely stated they want Bezier curving -- so just drag with the right mouse button and it will behave much more like regular Paint. Also, the nubs 'pulsate' slowly so that it is easier to discern them from pixels in the image itself (kinda like the Text Tool's nub).

And if you want to draw just a regular line, then don't curve the line. Simple as that :)


The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Looking good!

I like that reflection! :D It's so... reflective...


I can't wait to try out the new features. Just four days from now! Hooray for Mondays!

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