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My finger hurts...

My finger hurts. Does yours?  

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  1. 1. My finger hurts. Does yours?

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I've slammed by thumb and index finger about 5 times in total now... You can guess I have issues with car doors :?

And yet they don't hurt :P

well my finger is demented, i mean literally it is like anout the length and width of my pinky and is super fat it grows down into my skin and i have to literally stick my nail cutter down into my skin beneth my nail....it hurts!!!

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I just cut my finger. You know that fake wood stuff on the top of desks? Well the corner of one broke off and I was messing around with it. Just as I was saying to somebody how sharp it was and how easy it would be to cut somebody with it, it cut me.

I'm still alive!

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The description of this forum includes the following phrase for a reason: "Keep it clean and reasonably intelligent!"

(emphases mine)

Wait a sec, I'm confuzzled. Are you angling this to me for making the thread, or someone else. I'm very confuzzled. Confuzzled is my new word.


Do not click!

Time flies when you're eating a donut.

My dA

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