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Gunz: The Duel

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Anyone here play Gunz?

I'm just asking. If you don't, I recommend not trying it. It's too addictive to give up, and if you can't keep up with the pros it's too frustrating to play it.

I've been playing for almost a year and a half now, although I never really trained much. I turtled a lot on iGunz, owned a lot on NA Gunz due to the enormous noob population, moved to Daemonsring and hacked a bit on ijji Gunz, and I'm now a 99% DR citizen.

If you play NA Gunz, I recommend moving to DR Gunz. The admins are much more friendly, the majority of players are pros but at least they don't just spam Rose for your Death macros while killing people. Also, DR will probably have full custom maps soon, due to the findings of Legion of Gunzfactor.

Someone give me a torrent to the Quake3 gtkradiant editor. It's half of what Legion is using. Legion is also using a C++ Compiler that takes a gtk map file, and outputs all the needed files for a .mrs file (Gunz File). Then you can compress the MRS into a map. It outputs the appropriate .dds files (Go Paint.NET for DDS support), and the .rs files (Not sure what it stands for, but Gunz reads it for barrier info) and also the .rs.txt files with things like fog info and diffusemap info.

The moment that compiler is leaked, ijji is going to get raped.

Also, if you're a protard k-styler, teach me stuff.

If you don't play gunz, ignore my rambling. Since I found out about those custom maps, I've been drooling on my keyboard in the most literal way, so I'll probably ramble a lot. Hence this thread. So my ramblings stay in one place.

If you want to try ijji Gunz, go to Please not that is only compatible with Internet Explorer, although you can use the IETab Firefox addon. If you have it, add"http://**" to your IE Tab sites.

If you want to come to Daemons Ring, go to The forums are presently retarded due to some changes being made by the admins. However, the server is still going fine.

If you see Citizen I, six, 666², or sixâ

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ive played gunz

i got to lvl 16

and my computer was slow

so had to quit

but it was a fun game

now i play Warrock

on my school computer XD


i wish i could play that

but it takes like 17 hours to download...

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i play ijji what ever it is gunz i quit its not hards to give up haven't played for like 1 month i was lvl 3

Warrock is awwesome!!

just got to lvl 2 lol hard to lvl up i suck whats your name?

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