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Beginner.. where to start

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I just got the paint.net program recently to edit photos. i know how to do a few things by trial and error. I've been looking at the tutorials and can see by far the number of things this program can do.

What's the best way to learn this program?? a book would be nice :wink:

any suggestions for a self taught newbie??

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Yep, you need to read the help topics on the website to get the basics such as how to use the tools, layers, adjustments and such. Then you can try out a few tutorials and start getting more advanced.

Good Luck.

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Af Bob and Firefly said, the tutorial forum is a good place to start. I am almost brand new to this program, and with the help of the tutorials forum, I am creating pictures of myself with no reflection :D! If I can do it, you can do it :).

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Sometime durring the (preferably early) summer I'll finish the "Basics" section of the Paint.NET Wikibook (link in my signature).

EDIT: 7 chapters, 25 edits, size 2.1 kB, 1085 words, 2 registered authors

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go to photobucket.com register and upload files from your computer, when its uploaded there are 3 bars under the picture click the img code and u will then have copied the code, then go to wherever u want to post ur picture and paste


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To post images:


Host the images - You can upload them at sites like: http://imageshack.us/ and http://photobucket.com/

::recommends photobucket::

Then (after it's uploaded) copy the image url


1. Use the thumbnail if it's a bigger image

2. Use direct link if it's not too big

When/if you use direct link, you have to paste the url into [*img][/img*] tags. (Remove Astrix's!)

Then it should show up here.



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At PhotoBucket.com, getting thumbnails is not exactly intuitively obvious.

First you need to upload your image, then select it like so:


Now you need to scroll to the bottom of your PB Album and click this button:


Now you want to select this text and copy it into your forum post:


It should result in this:



EDIT: All of these screen shots were edited and cropped in MS-Paint. PDN isn't working on my work computer cuz the 3.05 beta I was running expired. :cry:


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