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Drifting/Initial D anyone?


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Well in reality, it was more of sliding around as you said. But it sure felt like it was drifting! The reason I did it was because my sister was going to put new tires on it and I wanted to make sure they needed to be replaced :P.

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ah haha cool... ok heres a bit about me... lmfao

Favorite car to drift: AE86 (turino 3door)

Eh... Skill level in games: 7/10 (rusty when it comes to entery)

Any real drifting exp: eh... not legally?

Got d1 yet?: noh... soon... dont worrie...

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I actually have no drifting experience, I can't even drive yet, but I'm also a big fan of drifting in racing games, especially cause I'm so good at it! I'm not trying to brag but on a ferry, at one of those 25 cent arcades, (Yes, I still at play those) I got 4 free races cause I completly dominated everyone who challenged me in the arcade... (It was one of those Link-Play ones)

Ummm... The game wsa some Tokyo Street Race or somehing like that... Drifting in sand-box games are actually quite amusing like in GTA or Driver 3..... Anyways.... FUN FUN FUN! :D

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