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Multiple Pictures For Printing???

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Sorry, but I'm new to Paint.NET. I'm trying to learn! Is there a way to place, say, 4 photos (from jpg files) onto the screen for printing? In other words, I'd like to select 4 pictures, place them on the screen, then print all 4 on a sheet of photo paper -- instead on using a whole sheet just for one 4x5 photo. Please help. I can't figure it out! Thanks.


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just make a new larger image and paste the ones you want to print onto the new canvas. OR you could use the Microsoft Picture & Fax Viewer, as the printing wizard in that has options for that sort of thing...


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You should be able to just select(highlight) all the image files in their origin folder then right click and hit "print" using Windows...

PDN is not a Photo Album or Image Management utility...

Gawking at the fact that this anything but easy in your opinion is kinda ridiculous!


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