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Adding color to b&w photos

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I've read the rules and tutorials but i'm still confussed by this since the software is new to me. I found the following instructions in the tutorial but i've added a fe questions so any assistance would be greatly apprecitaed.

1. Create a new layer, above your base image>>Do i click the "+" icon in the layers menu box, or should i duplicate the image?

2. Go back to your background layer, and select the eye, than go onto the cover layer, and pick a color, and color in the area with that color>>>>This confused me. So after the new layer i go back to the original pic select the area i want to color using the elipse tool? DO i then copy it and paste it into the new layer? "Pick a color" how and where? Color the area with the paint brish?

3. Change the layer’s type, to Color Burn, Overlay, or any other one that you believe looks the most realistic… How does one change the layer type?

Thank you in advance for the help and please forgive me if i've broken any rules.

4. Keep doing this, or each and every part of the image, with a new layer per part.

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1. the plus button, if the tutorial wanted you to duplicate the layer, it would (should) have said so.

Not sure yet about the rest, BUT... you can ask questions about a tutorial in the thread for that tutorial, this keeps things nice and neat...


When in doubt, Try it out.


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