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My text is fuzzy

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I am trying to make a simple mirror effect for a heading on my website. I noticed after I finish make the word, and save it, and then put it on the website, its all blurry. The letter dont look very sharp at all.

I noticed one person recently put out an example of how to do a mirror effect. He used the words Paint.Net. It tunred out really great. I cant get mine to look like that.

Does someone have some step by step instructions on how I can accomplish this? I tried to follow that this guy did, but it does not look the same.



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If it's only looking blurry after you save it, then it's probably because you're saving to a lossy image format. If you're doing .JPG, make sure the quality slider is up around 95-100 or it will look "chunky." Personally, I recommend .PNG.


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There are two good methods:


  • Create the text on its own layer.
    Duplicate that layer and flip it vertically (Layers -> :Vertical: Flip Vertical) so the text on the duplicated layer is upside-down.
    Use the Move Selected Pixels tool (:MoveTool:) to position the flipped text under the original.
    Switch to the Gradient tool (:GradientTool:) and change it to Alpha Mode by clicking the (:AllColorChannels:) button across the top in the Tool Options bar. After the click, it'll look like so (:AlphaChannel:).
    Click slightly above the upside-down text and drag downward, holding [shift]. The text will fade away along the path of the gradient.

2) Use BoltBait's plugin that does all that for you.


You can choose your method. :wink:

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