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Probably not. For at least two reasons. It needs to be around 500x100 pix, and it is a little unfriendly for the younger people. Think, man! There could be 9-year-olds browsing this forum!

You wouldn't want to be banned for indecency, would you? :)

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Lol i wouldnt have mind if i was 9..... lol sorry but its the truth.... kids these days see so much they probably wouldnt make that big of a deal of it... not tryin to argue.... i took it off but its the truth

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@usedHONDA: the old one wasn't actually that bad; it was just kinda suggestive. But honestly, you see worse at the mall.

@In3r7iA: they say 100, but you're probably safe going up to 140 or so..,. but in the end it's up to the mods.


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you say 100 is the max height, and yet yours is 130? lol...

Ouch. :D Well, it's fixed now. That was made only two weeks after BoltBait's rule implementation, but meh. No excuse.

Inertia: Please reduce the size of your sig by 50%.


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Um... it's 100 pixels strict, unless your deviant enough to make it taller without anybody noticing it (*hint**hint*).

the image in your sig is 100px tall but if you count the text on top and bottom it is exactly 140px(I took a screenshot...). So, I guess someone noticed.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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