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Question by a germa second life - tattoo wannabe artist

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I'm using paint.net for my sl-tattoos and it works very fine. Cause I don't wanna use adobe-ps, here my question. I'm usind a template and have to stretch some of my pics in different directions. I'd like to put it in here, but i have no site or other http-server to do it. Imagine a upperbody-template. Men do have V-formed Torso, Women ...not :-)...I don't have this prob@women , just@mens-tattoos.

Is there any Add-On 4 paint.net for controlled stretching parts or hole imgages ?

Sorry for this strange explanation !

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There isn't a plugin of that nature that I know about.

I suggest that if you want to only stretch a certain bit, select it then stretch... but then the two edges don't meet together nicely.

It's a tough thing. It would be a legendary plugin if you could stretch bits without losing the clean join of the edges.

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