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Native Gif Animation Support

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OK, I don't know how to code anything (except for a so-so amount of HTML), so to me this may seem like a lot of work.

I use some free software to make animated Gifs, it's called UnFREEz (http://www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez/).

I like it because 1)It's free and 2) it's easy to use, you drag and drop indvidual frames (gifs of course) into it and hit one button.

The problem with this is that

1) I have to save indvidual frames, which is kinda of a pain, but I can deal with it

2) I have to select GIF from the save dialog every time I do a Save As, it always wants me to save it as a PNG (which I love, but can't use to make gifs and transparency doesn't work w/ IE, no one thinks that it is worth it to switch to Firefox) or a PDN, which I already have

So basically here is my request...

1) Have a little icon or something to drag to the desktop or click to save everything as a gif into a specified folder with a name and a number (eg. Filename_1)

2) Have a preset/default file format

3) And even though that program, I beileve, is not open source if you could come up with your own version to automate the whole process.

Thanks for reading,


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