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Fonts in Paint.Net, Can't get my fav fonts to show up

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I have this fav font of mine I like to use in different things, and I was using the text tool to add it to an image, OTHER .ttf fonts that I've added to my font folder are showing up, others are not...

The files that show up have an "O" in the file icon when looking in the windows \ fonts folder, but the ones that have a T T on the icon do not, and most of those are the ones I'm looking for...

This particular font is Moria Citatel:


(second one down)

The others I'm trying to get to work are "Teutonic" 1/2/etc


EDIT: ALL the fonts I've installed show up in word...

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A quick search revealed this:


Perhaps it can help you.

It helped a little, but mostly I know how to get fonts installed on my PC, but if you look here:


The ones that have TT on them are not showing up in Paint.net, only the O ones (on the icon), yet that are both listed as .ttf files, and both show up in MSword... so they ARE indeed installed... will the TT icons one just not work?

Is there a plugin if not? Like 1/2 my fonts have the TT icon...

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As you can see, all my TT-icon'd fonts are working. The only two in my Fonts folder that don't show up in PDN are the two .fon files. Since PDN only works with .ttf, this comes as no surprise.

As I cannot seem to replicate your circumstances, I'm not sure how much I'd be able to help. I'll try installing the specific font with which you're having difficulty.

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