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I need help with text please

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I am new to paint.net and i was looking for some help on text i know how to put in text but i dont know how to do anything cool with it like ur guys Sigs. can you give me an example text for a sig like this and tell me how you did it(i would like the text to be Pitunia):Untitled.jpg

THnx! If not posible for this particular sig can you just help me out.

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You mean cool stuff like this?:


You don't want to know how I made that. It took me 5 hours :P. I'll download your font and see what I can do.

That's... amazing. Well, anyway, there's a bunch of text effects on the tutorial forum. If you want something easy, just create a new layer( :AddNewLayer: ), set the blending mode to Negation, and type some white text on the fire. To me, that was always simple, and cool.


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Where do you go to make shadows and if i use some of the tutorals it messes up the accual sig

Well, not really. You can easily open a new PDN project, create the text the way that you want it, save as either GIF or PNG (transparent background), and then open it up as a new layer to your sig.

This way, it's just your sig with a layer of text over top of it.


When in doubt, Try it out.


I made this sig file using http://www.anim8or.com and making all of the textures with http://www.getpaint.net

I love freeware.

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