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I don't have very many hints for you because, and I mean this in no offense, it's basic. Line curve/ fill, like you said. If it were attempting to use something such as gradients or some effect or plugin, then there would always be room for improvement there -- but i guess you're in a unique situation. The reason I didn't perfect score it was because I've seen what you can do, and if you made an effects based avatar I know you could go much farther.

Still, I like what you did with the one you have.


"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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Well.. I was in line for the new simpsons ride today..and it came to me that I should make this! Because BoltBait has his self portrait thing.. so I decided to do the same thing.. but... SIMPSONS! :D haha

I might try to get the body done tomarrow.. and fool around with shadowing. :)

EDIT: Oh and I didn't use paint bucket.. just incase I wanted to edit the skin colors. I used a 9px brush on the bottom of my layer list.. then I used a 2px eraser to erase around where I didn't want the colors.. I might write a tutorial on the guidelines.. incase people want to do themselves.

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