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Dan: love it: 9/10. What are the central lines supposed to be?

The lines are just a swooshy detail in the center.

I created this mystic orb in The GIMP a while ago:


I wanted to try and re-create it in PDN, but I had used the Flames plugin built in to The GIMP which generates random patterns like that automatically, gradient-mapped based on luminosity. PDN doesn't have that, and at the time I made it, there was no Dents plugin to make a similar style pattern, so my solution was just to make some lines in an interesting design and call it some sort of ancient Egyptian symbol or something. :wink:

I should re-visit it now that we have Dents and stuff. That'd be cool...

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That's the same algorithm as the Apophysis one.

Apophysis is a well-known fractal generator.

It's open sourced, and it's just math.

If you're fond of math functions with 3 variables (and I'm sure you're loving it :)), go, go, go!

You'll make me happy.

*Throw the bottle*

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very nice, 9/10

someone can rate this:


^the product of going to Denny's at 3 in the a.m. lmao

EDIT: that actually looks really good right about now, haha

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