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Rate the avatar of the poster above you

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Pretty interesting effects-wise, but the text at the bottom is nigh impossible to read.


I figured I'd post here again since I finally got a new avatar! New, as in I just finished it like 5 minutes ago! Looks like somebody loves Paint.NET! :D

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i like yours wither im gonna give you a 9/10 if you dont object

the thing i dont rlly like is that the first pages dont make any sense anymore cuz people keep on changing avatars

im gona post my avatars as img so they stay and wen ill have a new one ill update dont worry :lol:





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Cool, I love frogs. 8/10 Where could I find the full sized pic? :D

This current avatar was done using a tutorial on here, as you could obviously tell. I'll try to get sommat original up later. This one looks too much like the Pepsi logo xD


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I found an issue...


7/10 if you look at it with a very exact manor, 8.5 if you look at it without a care for the animation flaw.


8/10, I still think the letters are off-curve.

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